Kilah the Thrillah's Throwdown Showdown

MEMORANDUM - 8 Jacomas 92
Performance and Intelligence Report

FROM THE OFFICE OF: Emma Whitestone
CLIENT: Avenir
STATUS: Fulfilled satisfactorily

Yesterday just before morning twilight we received a visit from Avenir. He contracted that a missing lockbox and contents be recovered, having been removed earlier that night. Sir Glenn and Chance agreed to take up the case.

By ten the two left for Avenir’s Stake House. There they questioned Avenir about the events of the previous night. They learned that the lockbox contained valuable family jewelry, and that it was stolen around midnight. There were no signs of forced entry. The only two people with keys, Avenir and his night manager Lawrence, claimed to not be at the restaurant at the time, and would later meet at The Stinky Shoe. The locks showed no evidence of tampering. Chance reported sensing that Avenir was withholding information. She and Sir Glenn separated, to pursue two separate lines of inquiry.

Sir Glenn rode to Lawrence’s apartment, to question him. After learning where he was from the grocer on the ground floor, he threw pebbles at Lawrence’s window to get his attention, rather than knocking at the door. He then proceeded to loudly announce his presence at the building. Questioning Lawrence, he learned of a rustling in the bushes that night. He returned to the restaurant. Arriving earlier than Chance, he ordered lemonade.

Chance met her contact Ralph at his business. Ralph had not purchased any jewelry since the time the crime took place. He did have a masterwork Dwarven cuckoo clock, which Chance was interested in. She then returned to the restaurant, where Sir Glenn had recently arrived.

After Sir Glenn rode Beowulf loudly through the restaurant, Chance inspected the bushes, finding an animal trail. Following the trail northwest, they located the corpse of a hunter who had been attacked by a vampire. The trail intersected a road near a guard post. There they found that attacks from assumed bandits had been killing some guards, and two patrols had not returned (explains why we haven’t heard from the post in several days).

Heading west along the trail, Chance and Sir Glenn were attacked by three bandits, of whom they made short work. They found a network of caves, inhabited by several zombies. Here is where the vampire target, Maxim, resided. They slew all within. They recovered some jewelry, as well as the necklace and lockbox of Avenir. They found Maxim’s diary, which showed that he was Avenir’s brother, and that the two had come to Orchaise last year. They had a falling out, with Avenir preferring to live among humans.

Chance and Sir Glenn spent the night resting.

Returning the next morning to the Stake House, they gave the recovered necklace to Avenir. He awarded the lockbox and two thousand gold each to Glenn and Chance. They accused Avenir of being a vampire, and Avenir was displeased. I should have told them that, I don’t know how I forgot. It’s obvious anyway. I mean, Avenir’s a nice guy, but he’s not very subtle, to say the least.


  • Consider clock for Chance’s birthday?
  • Have chat with Glenn about visitor’s manners.

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