Lucky Punch

Fuckamotha, Level 5


AC: 17
HP: 41
Reflex: 5
Will: 6

Weapons: FISTS!!!

Swarthy, with dark eyes, Lucky Punch dresses in cream-colored baggy robes, as well as wears a reversible cloak, and is adorned with many amulets and rings. He actually looks a decent amount like Boromir, with the long and lank dirty blond hair and the beard, though younger.

Lucky Punch

Lucifer Odrysius (12 Nindurn, 69 – 12 Nindurn 169), better known by his adventuring-name Lucky Punch, was a fighting monk of the Odrysian order, known for his contributions to the fields of belligerence, pugnatiousness, brawling, warfare, and passive-aggressiveness, as well as his part as the leading member of the crime-fighting duo Lucky and Kilah, the other member being of course, Kilah the Thrillah

Early Life

Born to unknown parents, Punch was found at dawn on 12 Nindurn, 69 D.A. on the doorstep of The Bloody Crane, the inn operated by the Odrysian martial order. It is for these cirumstances that he was named Lucifer (Lightbringer, alluding to the time he was found) Odrysius (the martial order he grew up in.) Indeed, in recent legend, it is said that he was found at midnight, but his cries forced the sun from his slumber. There is only slight evidence to support this however.

He grew up within the order, and learned from them his legendary fighting style. According to the lead monk’s notes at the time, Punch was a mediocre fighter, primarily due to his lack of self-control. It was in the summer of his 17th year however that this all changed. During a summer thunderstorm, Punch was sitting outside in the middle of a field, practicing his art, when, being the tallest object in the field, he was struck by lightning. As he was thoroughly soaked, he suffered only minor burns. These burns were accompanied by unnatural speed, as well as extreme precision.

In three years, Punch had completed the eight he had remaining before he became a full monk. At that time, the head monk at the time realized he would not be satisfied remaining at the Bloody Crane, and as a result ordered him to leave the monastery on an extended spirit-journey. It was during this journey that he first began dungeon-delving, and soon he had become rather well-known as a hired fist. During this period, Punch first discovered his love of magical items of all kinds, and it is partly for this that he is remembered. The Smythatonian Emporium is known for it’s Lucky Exhibit, in which they display a significant portion of his collection, donated by his daughter.

Soon after he began his journey, at the age of 20, he first met Killah the Thrillah. According to both of their accounts, they first met in a bar brawl. Apparently, Kilah had heard that there was a new fighter in his hometown of Degorah, and subsequently headed to the local inn to challenge him. From across the crowded hazy bar he called his challenge, and, as bars tend to do, the room erupted into a frenzy. Beginning at opposite ends, the two unarmed brawlers fought their way through the population of the room, at a low estimate of at least 50 people. By the end, only they stood in the middle of the room, surrounded by mounds of bruised and groaning bar-goers. It was at this point that they two realized that fighting eachother would be useless – a crapshoot, as it were. The winner would only win through sheer luck. They were too evenly matched. It was with this thought that the two of them left the bar, together, and became fast friends.

Thus, the greatest crime-punching duo was formed.
– Balin Strongfist, Combat department head at the Graig Mountain College for Strong Fists

Lucky Punch

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