Kilah the Thrillah

Level five badass mothafuckah


Kilah is an adventurer who has been a-venturing for about five years. He is 24 years old and 6’0" tall, and is stronger than an ox. He usually wears a chain shirt when adventuring, and comfortable, breathable pants. His hair is short and black, like his temper.

Favorite move: German suplex


Kilah enjoys fishing and wrestling, both of which he learned while growing up in the quaint fishing village Degorah. He doesn’t have many ties, and is taking life slowly, as it comes. He doesn’t know what he wants from life.

Kilah is good friends with Lucky Punch, whom he met in a drunken brawl at a tavern. His relationship with Obscurity is complicated, but he likes her well enough.

Born in the year 68 to a local capenter, Kilah’s life was quiet. Too quiet. It was so soul-crushingly serene that the young boy became involved in the local gang called The Bridge Snakes. Over the years, as the gang came in conflict with Degorah’s other gang, the Oilers, over the rights to claim that they “rule”, Killah became skilled in fighting. He soon became known as the best fighter in town. People began to respect him, and all was calm. Too calm.

Kilah’s lucky break came in the year 89. Apparently there was a visitor in town, known to be a skilled fighter. He threw open the inn door, and yelled his challenge across the crowded room. When his opponent met his gaze, Kilah began heading straight for the end of the tavern where he stood. A drunk who stood in his way tried to push him back, but missed, sparking a brawl. Fighting through three score men, the two strongmen met at the center of the room. After two desperate minutes of wrestling amid a now-quiet room, they both found they had met their match. Kilah and his new friend Lucky left the tavern, laughing. The next day, he left Degorah for good, deciding to join Lucky in his adventures across the continent.

Kilah the Thrillah

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