Sir Glenn the Gallant

Level 5 Grippli Cavalier


AC: 21
HP: 42
Fortitude: 6
Reflex: 3
Will: 3


Born to The Glimmerblade Tribe of Dorn, a reclusive tribe of Grippli, Sir Glenn began his career as a noble squire to the Esteemed Knight Frog Brightblade. Following that Knight’s untimely death against the ‘Enemy’ of Orchaise, Sir Glenn recieved his predecessors sword and armor, as well as his new title from the Glimmerblade Council, and set off on his own quest to avenge his master. Joining House Hemlock he quickly climbed the ranks, becoming a Journeyman Adventurer.

Colored a vibrant green, with piercing red eyes, Sir Glenn stands 2’ 5" and rides an Irish Wolfhound. He wears his full plate armor constantly, and wields his 2 foot long bastard sword with both hands. Though encumbered by his armor, he is quite agile.

Coming from the secretive Glimmerblade Tribe, who rarely interacts with the outside world, prefering their seclusion in Dornmarch and the surrounding forest, Glenn speaks an outdated and archaic Common, and frequently confuses listeners.

Sir Glenn the Gallant

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