Emma Whitestone

Ace Attorney


STR 13 DEX 5 CON 13
INT 16 WIS 13 CHA 17

Emma Whitestone is an intelligent, charismatic, competent woman. At 24 years old, she is a young but skillful lawyer, talented at persuasion and oration. Though gifted, Emma has one weakness: she is extraordinarily clumsy.

When adventuring, she wears fine imported Elven mail and carries a steel shield. She weilds an enchanted flaming longsword.

Emma stands 5’9" tall, with long black hair. She is strongwilled, ambitious, and charismatic. Her personal record for longest straight line walked without tripping is seventy-two feet.


Emma was born in Orchaise in the year 64. Her father was a bookseller, and her family moderately affluent. From a young age she showed great intelligence, and at the age of fifteen began going to college. She took quickly to her studies, learning both law and magic. In the year 88, she began her own law practice.

During The Event in the year 92, Emma played a leading role, and helped negotiate the founding of the guild. She acts as the de facto guild leader, directing many of its day-to-day needs and services.

Emma Whitestone

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